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Malo A Bwino

Artist: Angela Nyirenda
Genre: @1andonlyAngela
Duration: 00:06:56

My first single and the hit that took me into stardom. Thank you Zambia for all your suport

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Angela Nyirenda
About Us Angela Nyirenda

Angela Nyirenda is a renowned Zambian songbird. She is known for her unique brand of traditional rhythms from her homeland which have earned her the title “The Eastern Princess”.Angela brought to the Zambian music scene a combination of her beauty and an entertaining stage presence. Through her music she expresses her inner most emotions,respect for traditions and culture and touches on everyday issues affecting ordinary women in Zambia.

Angela was discovered and nurtured by the pioneers of “Makawane” rhythms,the Sakala Brothers. With their influence and guidance,Angela shot to stardom with a string of national hits such as “Malo Abwino”,”Nupempako Ma Key”,”Ubwinga”,”Chingande”,”Khuzwayo”,”Friday Musankwa” and many others. Through the years between 2003 – 2009 she released three albums and also won a Ngoma Award for her debut Album “Malo Abwino”.She was a notable performer at numerous local events and also had international performances the UK and Malawi.

The following years saw Miss Nyirenda retreat into a some musical exile but she continued with live performances  alongside the Sakala Brothers at various local outings.In September,2015,the Zambian songstress announced the release of her fourth album titled “Salary” which was produced by Moses Sakala. With this brand new album ,the Zambian Diva has demonstrated that she is very much around and still the Queen of “Makawane” music. 

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