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Katongo releases ‘Baba’ video on YouTube

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ZAMBIAN-BORN and British-bred singer and songwriter Katongo Temba has finally put her new single Baba on video.The Afropop song was composed and arranged by veteran producer Chali ‘Bravo’ Mulalami.The video which was recently published on YouTube has been quickly gaining popularity. The track ‘Baba’ is an upbeat, fun, flirty and lyrically rich song, and shows appreciation for the African man.In the video, you can watch Katongo being flirty with a dark and well-built man. When she released the single last June, her publicist predicted it to be one of the best songs with an international Afropop crossover appeal to come out of Zambia.

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“Paired with Katongo’s sultry vocals, you have a match made in heaven, and, simply, music to your ears,” her publicist said in a statement.“Listeners are drawn in by the up-tempo afro-drums and the catchy chorus finds you involuntarily moving to the rhythm. A song definitely to match the greatest Afropop songs ever released, and one fans will not get enough of.” Katongo, who has been writing songs since the age of 11, can be described as an Afropop singer as evidenced by her self-released debut EP ‘My Way’ which is packed with dance influenced tracks laced with African drums and Caribbean rhythms that instantly grab ones attention and showcases her ability to deliver meaningful lyrics with strong, yet soothing vocals.

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But away from her music, Katongo, who is also an international model, does charity work and has been aligned with the charity ‘Africans United Against Child Abuse’ (AFRUCA). Recognised as a supporter of the charity, Katongo, alongside other speakers, has spoken at the House of Commons on two occasions. She is also the co-founder of Pamoja Women’s Foundation with her sister Kanta Temba.   Wink

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Great song and video!!!

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